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Top 10 Best Web Hosting 2020 For Starting A Website | Upto 50% Off

Top 10 Best Web Hosting 2020 For Starting A Website

Searching for best web hosting in 2020. Today I will give you brief information about top 10 best web hosting in 2020. I know you have decided to create a website or blog. That's why you want to know about best website hosting company.

Below we have provided top 10 best hosting company comparison for you. We have given brief information about all web hosting like shared, cloud and WordPress hosting.

Types of Web Hosting in 2020

There are several types of web hosting for making a blog. Below you can see some types of web hosting.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • cloud Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

We have written many articles in details on these hosting. You can read all these hosting review on our blog. Click on above hosting name to know about in detail.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Company for Host a Website in 2020

Today we are going to share top 10 best web hosting company review for you. After reviewing all these web hosting company, you can easily decide, which hosting is best for you.

  • A2 Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Inmotion Hosting
  • Godaddy Hosting
  • Hostgator Hosting
  • DreamHost Hosting
  • Bluehost Hosting
  • Siteground Hosting
  • Wp Engine Hosting
  • Hostinger Hosting

Above you can see list of best web hosting company in 2020. You can see all these web hosting review below.

# A2 Hosting

In these day A2 Hosting is very popular and demandable. Because A2 hosting company giving up to 20x time faster web hosting than another web host. 99.9% uptime given by them. This is too good for your website. Because if your web host company not giving you uptime. It means your website will not open in meanwhile of day. This will decrease your google ranking.

A2 Best Web Hosting

This is best web hosting plan for starting a website with a2 shared hosting. You can also try cloud hosting, vps and wordpress hosting. Shared hosting starting a just Rs 279.69 in Indian. If you are beginner, then you can buy this hosting plan.

# Resellerclub Hosting

I'm using this hosting company since last 2 years. So, I can say that you can use this hosting for your website. There are several types of plan comes with reseller hosting. Right now, I'm using cloud hosting of reseller club.

ResellerClub Hosting

You can see above image; this is shared web hosting plan of reseller club. There are also several plan of web hosting like vps, WordPress, cloud etc. I like this hosting plan because it is good plan for starting a website. Customer support is also incredible. If you are getting any technical problem. You can call customer care of resellerclub. They will fix your technical issue.

Linux Shared hosting plan starting with Rs 235/- per month. But you will get up to 30% off today. In all plan of resellerclub hosting you will get up to 40% off. I suggest you to buy business plan for starting a website with resellerclub hosting.

# Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is one of the best hosting company. But it is little expensive for beginners to starting a website with inmotion shared hosting. If you are thinking you can invest some money for your website. Then I would recommend you to buy this hosting.

Inmotion Shared Plan

Above you can see it shared hosting plan. You can add two websites with launch plan and unlimited disk space. You will also get unlimited bandwidth. Free ssl certificate and backup plan is included with this plan.

Customer support of inmotion hosting is 24/7. If you are getting any technical issue with hosting. You can call their customer support. They will fix your technical issue. You can also buy vps, WordPress and dedicated hosting from inmotion hosting. If you buy any hosting from inmotion, you will get up to 20% off.

# GoDaddy Hosting

Best domain provider and hosting company of the world is GoDaddy. Today we are going to tell some hosting plan of GoDaddy. One of my websites is hosted on GoDaddy hosting. Uptime of GoDaddy is very amazing. It is also easy to use through cPanel and much more. You can get 24/7 customer support from GoDaddy customer support.

Godaddy Hosting plan

Buy Now

View Plan

Above we have share hosting plan of GoDaddy. Which you can buy for starting a blog or website. Plan is related to shared hosting. In shared hosting there are 4 types of plan. See the plan above and decide which one is good for your website.

When you buy these plans, you will get up to 50% off. But when you renew these plans, you have to pay double that time. But don't worry this is happen with all hosting company plan.

# HostGator Hosting

HostGator hosting company is also provide hosting like shared, vps, dedicated etc. In 2017 I have fast time use HostGator shared hosting for one year. I did not get any technical problem. Response time was not so good. But hosting is best for starting a website.

hostgator Shared Plan

There are three types if shared hosting plan like hatchling, baby and business. You will get 60% of if you buy first time from here. Hatchling plan comes with single domain, unmetered bandwidth, ssl certificate etc.

You can see above image for shared hosting plan of HostGator. Decide which one is best hosting for you and buy it. Click on buy button to buy hosting plan from HostGator. HostGator 45-day money back guarantee is also available. If you not satisfied with your hosting.

# Dreamhost Hosting

Dreamhost hosting company is one of leading best hosting company in 2020. But price of the hosting plan is little high. But you will get so many things after buying this hosting plan. There are 2 shared plan shared starter and shared unlimited. Price are different when you buy for a month or a year or three years.

Dreamhost shared plan

Monthly plan starts with 4.95 dollar per month. Yearly dreamhost shared plan start with 3.95 dollar per month. And Last one is for three years start with 2.59 Dollar per month.

Best feature of dreamhost shared hosting is they will give you SSD storage for your website. For this plan free domain is also included. This plan can handle unlimited traffic. In one word dreamhost shared plan is little high but it is best for your website.

# Bluehost Hosting

This is best hosting company if you searching for low price hosting for starting a website. Bluehost hosting is best and it is affordable for anyone, who want to start a website. There are for shared hosting plan in Bluehost. Name of shared hosting is basic, plus, choice plus, pro. Basic plan come with one website, 50 gb SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, free ssl etc.

Bluehost shared plan

You can see above we have share Bluehost shared hosting plan. You can buy any of those plans from Bluehost. Two more hosting plan is also available Vps web hosting and dedicated hosting. You can also buy those plans.

If you want to setup a normal website, then you can buy Bluehost shared plan. 30 days money back guarantee is also available. If you get any technical issue, you can call their customer support. They will solve your technical hosting problem. This is really best web hosting company.

# Siteground Hosting

For starting a blog or website siteground hosting is best for you. Because it is affordable web hosting company for beginners and advance. Siteground shared plan start with $3.95/ month. Anyone can afford it plan. If you are thinking to start a blog with shared hosting, then you can buy siteground shared plan for your website.

siteground shared hosting plan

There are three types of shared plan in siteground web hosting. First one is for startup second one is grow big and last one is gogeek. You will get 10 GB web space, up to 10000 monthly visite and you can add 1 website.

Buy this shared hosting for your new website. Officially new website not get large number of visitors. You can try this plan for year. After that you can go with premium plan like cloud hosting or vps hosting of siteground web hosting.

# Wp Engine Hosting

When we say wp engine hosting it mean, you have to expense large amount of money. Because wp engine hosting plan is little bit high among the hosting we have shared. It startup plan start with 25 dollar per month with discount. If money is not matter for you. Then you can try wp engine hosting.

wp engine hosting plan

Above we have shared it plan of month and yearly hosting. Click on view plan button to see all the plan of wp engine hosting. Startup plan comes with 25k visitor per month, 10 GB Local storage, 50 GB bandwidth and you can add 1 site.

This is one of the best web hosting site in the world. But it is quite expensive, that's why many bloggers not using it. But if you have enough money and you want to buy a super and power full hosting. Then you can go ahead with wp engine hosting.

# Hostinger Hosting

This is one of best hosting company if you want save money. Web hosting price is very low. Anyone can buy web hosting from hostinger and make his/her website. Starting price of hosting is 0.99 Dollar for first time. There are three types of hostinger shared hosting. Single shared hosting, premium shared hosting and business shared hosting.

hostinger shared plan

There are also several plan like VPS hosting and Cloud hosting. But I would like to recommend you guy go with shared plan. Id you want to start a website. If you have already an awesome website, then you can buy it vps or cloud hosting plan.

Here we have shared an only shared hosting plan of hostinger. You can also check vps and cloud plan of hostinger on our other page. See all features and specification of the shared hosting which we have shared above. If you think. this is good plan for your website. Then go ahead with shared plane of hostinger web hosting.

Best Web Hosting for Beginners 2020

I have shared top ten web hosting plan of different-different company. Now the question is which web hosting is best for beginners, who want to start a website.

Answer is simple and clean I have shared here 10 best web hosting company plans. Which is available in low budget and also in high budget. Decide which one you can afford. After that you can buy those hosting from that company.


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