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ATM PIN Generation


This year, SBI and other banks have replaced their debit card with Chip Debit Card. Our debit cards, which are earlier, are the based on magnetic strip, but the current debit card is chip based. Chip based Debit Card comes with advanced security standards that will help ensure a safe shopping experience, Compared to Chip Based Debit Card, the security level of the previous magnetic Debit Card was slightly slower, due to which it has been replaced by banks.

If you have a chip Based Debit Card, then you can generate its PIN (Personal Identification Number) as soon as possible so that you can use it for your shopping. You can generate it PIN through SMSInternet Banking, Interactive Voice Response system (IVRS) Or at any SBI ATM by following detailed is below.

SBI ATM PIN Generation through ATM

1. Insert your SBI Chip Based Debit Card at a SBI ATM. 

2. Select PIN Generation and enter your 11-digit Account number and 10-digit RMN (Registered Mobile Number) and confirm.

3. You will receive OTP you your RMN (Registered Mobile Number). Create a PIN using the OTP   at any SBI ATM within 2 days to carry out further transactions.

SBI ATM PIN Generation through SMS


2. You will recieve an OTP on your RMN (Registered Mobile Number). Create a new PIN using the OTP at any SBI ATM within 2 days to carry out further transactions.

 CCCC (Last 4 digit of Debit Card Number) AAAA (Last 4 digit of the account number)

SBI ATM PIN Generation through IVRS

1. Call the Bank's Contact Centre (1800 425 38001800 1122 11080-26599990) from your Registered Mobile Number.

2. Enter your full card number and account number to receive and OTP own your Registered Mobile Number.

3. Create a new PIN using the OTP at any SBI ATM to carry your further transaction within 2 days.

SBI ATM PIN Generation through Internet Banking

1. Go to https://www.onlinesbi.com/   and log in using your ID and Password.

2. Select e-Service >>ATM Card Service >>ATM PIN Generation to receive and OTP on your Registered Mobile Number or use Profile Password for authentication.

3. Select the account number to which the Debit Card is linked and select the Debit Card for which you wish to create a new PIN.

4. Enter first two digits of the number as per your choice and last two digits of NEW PIN will be sent on your RMN (Registered Mobile Number).

5. Enter all 4 digits (2-digit self-chosen and 2 digits received on Mobile) and Confirm, these 4 digits will be your new PIN.

Best method For ATM PIN Generation

In 4 ways you can Generate you Chip Based ATM Card PIN, but the best is by Net Banking and by ATM. Because, except Net Banking and ATM, you can only receive OTP in other 2 ways, but you will have to go to ATM to give a final finish. In my opinion, Net Banking and through ATM PIN generation is best way to save of our costly time.

If you are having any problem in generating an ATM PIN or you are not getting from it, you can take help from a close friend who knows about this matter, or you can go to your SBI branch and get help from them, they will definitely help you. After activation of our new Debit Card your old debit card will Deactivated automatically.

**Please Do Not Share Your Debit Card PIN and Net Banking User ID and Password with Anyone**

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